Main Topics (see below for examples)
Global Perspectives: some ways to see the events of the world through the eyes of other nations
Collecting News (RSS feeds): bring the news to you
Discussion Forums: provide a way for students to carry on the conversations after class
Sharing Bookmarks: this takes things to a new level
Wikis: a must-do. Very easy way for students to construct knowledge with other students from all around the world
Google Docs/Office365: these apps open up SO many possibilities
Google Earth/Google Maps: another MUST-do! Build maps together. Create and share tours
Alternatives to Powerpoint: this one tip alone will change how your students present their work to the class

Global Perspectives
  • Beyond basic Google searches
Sample: elections 2011 will return only sites from Iran (Click here for the domain name codes)
  • Google News- specify source (source:new york times Bin Laden)
  • FastFlip -
  • Newseum’s frontpages - check out top stories in the country and around the world
  • hover over to get more info- click to get even more. Suppose to be a way to get the time the article was posted
  • - good for elementary/middle school

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Discussion Forums

Sharing Bookmarks
  • Diigo - make sure you sign in with your school account
    • Can make classes and student accounts as well - kids can bookmark, highlight, add sticky notes to the group
    • Can make groups for research projects - only their peers see their highlights and sticky notes
    • Use sticky notes for discussion among students in class, right there on the website!
  • Delicious- does not have ability to highlight and comment


Google Docs/Office365
  • Google apps allow for synchronous editing, forms, embedding
  • Office apps and Skydrive prove 25 gigs of storage
  • You do NOT need to activate the email - but __why not__?

Google Earth/Google Maps

Alternatives to Powerpoint
  • Biggest problem with PowerPoint is that you have to listen to everyone of them. By the end of the second one, all learning stops...
  • __Show@World__ - select a subject and watch how countries change size to match the data
  • __www.uuorld.com__ -- explain the world using maps
  • Pecha Kucha (__pronounced__ peh-chak’-cha) - 20x20, no bullets. 20 slides, each on for 20 seconds.
  • __Ignite__ - supposed to be funny but for our purposes doesn’t have to be - 20x15 (totals 5 minutes), no bullets
  • __The sample I showed__. 9th grader. (Thanks to Kristin Hokanson for sharing this)
  • __Prez__i- AWESOME tool for nonlinear presentations
  • __Mixbook.com__ - online scrapbook, different way of putting a project together - tell a story!
  • iMovie, Movie Maker, Jaycut